Q&A: Rodney Frost, Cheque-Mates

When the Cheque-Mates chief exec joined the family business 16 years
ago, it was a trade-only chequebook maker: “Lucky we decided not to pursue that market!” he says. Frost is the proud father of a one-year-old daughter, Sienna.

Why did you get into printing? 

My dad started The Lamson Group in 1990 after getting the boot from a public company that he ran, which brought EFTPOS to Australia… but that’s another story. I started making up boxes when I was 13 on weekends as the business kicked off. 

Which superpower would you like? 

To read people’s minds. 

What is your greatest luxury in life? 

After visiting Laos a few years back, I am happy just to have a roof over my head.

What was your childhood obsession?

To play AFL football for Sydney or Collingwood. Didn’t quite get there,
so printing and mailing it was.

What’s one of the biggest stuff-ups you’ve made in your career? 

To purchase capital based on one customer without a sales contract covering the full term of the lease. It’s a punt that many of us small and medium-sized businesses take and often ends up messy.

If you didn’t work in print, what would you be doing? 

Writing my CV and learning how to go for a job interview. A scary thought.

Reveal a secret talent that you have. 

Isn’t it a secret for a reason?

Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? 

On advice from legal counsel I am not able to respond to this question…

Have you ever been said to resemble a famous person or character? 

Apparently Brad ‘Freddie’ Fittler or perhaps Dumbo?

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