Ryobi 925

Describe your business

We are a 20-staff business in Melbourne. We specialise in four areas: we do large format on our five-colour Manroland 800, working on sheet sizes up to 1100×1600 mm, mainly packaging and display work. We have an Océ GT350 for digital large-format and point-of-sale work. We also do specialty packaging. We made this particular investment for our sheetfed commercial area. Probably 30% of our revenue comes through our sheetfed department.

What have you bought?

We bought a new five-colour Ryobi 925 press with a coater. We upgraded from a 755 press, which we had also bought brand new from Cyber. That machine did a brilliant job; it was fast and extremely reliable so we decided to go with Ryobi again based on past experiences.

What does it do?

It features a coater, and we can print one side, back it up and cut it straight away. The sheet size is very versatile. It can go as thick as 600gsm on board, down to 90gsm, it has very quick makeready times and it only requires one operator.

Why did you choose this product?

It is a proven machine; Cyber has installed a huge number of Ryobis in Australia. If they weren’t any good people wouldn’t buy them. With Ryobi, you get a quality product at a more cost-effective price. In today’s market, clients don’t really ask you what particular machine you are printing on: they just want quality work and turnaround times to meet their requirements. When you are up against printers in Asia and brokers with no loyalty to the local market, you have to find your competitive edge and Ryobi has helped us do that.

Did you consider any other products?

I don’t really want to bag the other products we looked at because they are good products. This press was just the most suitable for us.

What features do you particularly like?

The coater has been absolutely fantastic. We can do both UV and aqueous coating on the machine and it gives us the ability to turn around jobs a lot quicker. It also gives us the option to use a not-so-vibrant stock and still make it look really good.

Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?

A rotary cutting head that can do inline die cutting would be perfect. It’s not currently available but they are developing one.

How fast is it?

Very fast. We haven’t pushed it to its limits, but it can comfortably run at 13,000 sheets per hour.

Has it saved time and money?

It has definitely saved us in makeready costs and run costs. We are running double the amount of work that we were doing before and we are doing less overtime because we have a larger print area, which is saving us in labour. We are also seeing savings in power as the Ryobi is a very efficient machine

Has it won you any new business?

We have definitely been able to pick up new business. We have picked up a lot more magazine work and a lot more packaging work. I am particularly happy about a very large magazine contract that we won, but I am hesitant to mention the customer.

Were there any difficulties surrounding the install?

None. It went extremely smoothly and quickly.

How has the pre- and after-sales service been?

It has been terrific. If we ever have an issue, we can always reach Cyber straight away and they are always very helpful. Cyber might not be as large as the others, but their service is excellent.

Who do you think this product is right for?

I think anybody that wants to go from a 74-inch press to a larger press. You are not paying the huge amount of money that you might pay for the other presses. It is also competes really well with digital; it is feasible to compete all the way down to very low numbers.

Would you buy another one?

Yes, we like to update our machinery every four years and if Cyber can supply me with a press with a rotary cutting head I would definitely buy it.


Supplier’s response


It is fair to say that when we sold PMS Litho their first Ryobi, they were somewhat hesitant about changing presses to a newcomer to the Australian market. The fact that some five years on they have purchased their second press says it all. The 92cm format combined with a coating unit has given them some huge advantages over their competitors. We feel that this press, due to its size, fast production times and cost competitiveness, can really help printers grow their business and increase their profitability.

Greg Knight, Cyber

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