Screen Truepress Jet 520

Tell us about your business

We are a direct marketing and publishing business developing new, business-to-consumer products for ourselves as well as partnering with other parties to execute new data mining and variable data print projects. This includes digital and electronic work.

What have you bought?

We invested in a Screen Truepress 520 in 2012.

What does the new press do?

It’s a high-speed inkjet printer driven by variable data software, which is in turn driven by our data mining software. Products can be fully personalised.

Why did you choose this product?

It’s proven technology. The Screen Truepress 520 is actually out there producing work on a large scale.

Did you consider any other products?

We looked at HP, Océ, and the Kodak Prosper product, although despite two trips to Dayton, Ohio, we never saw it replicate the sample work we were shown.

What features do you like most about the machine?

The engines are very robust and it has low downtime.

Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?

We should have taken the longer cut-off on the Hunkeler finishing equipment.

How fast is it?

It is capable of printing 128 pages per minute with a 520mm reel. It will do 55,000 completed A4 double-sided sheets in one hour.

How easy is it to use?

Very. We had its basic operations down well within three weeks, and then, like anything, learning the subtle skills takes longer. We have three very skilled operators now.

Has it won you any new business?

It is allowing us to develop new consumer products.

Has it saved time and money?

We own a direct mail business as well, and the unit cost of our in-house work has dropped by 65%.

Were there any difficulties surrounding the installation?

Like any commissioning, our expectations were high, but there are always unforeseen delays.

How has the service been?

Peter Scott from Screen was a fantastic source of information and options during a two-year research period. Colin McKenzie from Océ got involved in the project at the very late stages and almost steered us that way. The Océ is a very good system as well, and Colin is an outstanding operator. It was almost a toss of the coin at the end.

Would you buy another one?

Yes, but we would also look at what Océ had to offer as well as the new technology unveiled at Drupa. We will be purchasing our second machine at the close of 2014 or the first quarter of 2015.

For whom do you think this product is right?

It has so many applications that it’s hard to narrow it down. Once the inline coating units are perfected there will an unlimited number of applications.



Supplier’s response

The demands of a company like Alphabet Publishing are unique as it looks to diversify in its operations. Screen Australia is pleased to be able to address Alphabet Publishing’s special needs in the transition from a cut-sheet environment into a continuous-feed, high-volume digital environment. We would like to acknowledge Dataform for its highly professional assistance in this installation as the agency for Hunkeler finishing equipment. Without their assistance the entire line would not have been possible.

Peter Scott, Screen Australia

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