‘A whole new level of printing’ with HP’s latest Latex 700 and 800 Printer series

Looking to meet the challenges of the past year while continuing to drive your business forward? HP’s new Latex 700 and 800 Printer series offers white printing, boosted productivity and end-to-end sustainability solutions to help you get there.

Over the past 12 months, local print service providers (PSPs) have witnessed first-hand the importance of being agile and flexible in order to keep up with sudden changes to the market. Extended periods of lockdowns and social distancing completely shifted the needs of customers. Some hospitality businesses used this time to revamp their setup, driving demand for new signage and menus, while those spending more time at home looked for personalised wallpapers to customise their remote working experience.

This year presents a new opportunity for PSPs, a chance to move forwards and take their printing to the next level. HP has introduced a new portfolio of Latex large format printers to do just that, helping businesses diversify their offerings and exceed customer expectations with high value work.

The new HP Latex range consists of four devices – the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printers, and the HP Latex 700W and 800W Printers which offer white ink capability for the first time in this category. It is the whitest white ink available on the market[i] that does not yellow over time, enabling PSPs to produce crisp, white images and text, plus add more contrast to transparent, dark or coloured media.

Whether you’re printing on banners, textiles, canvas, wallpaper or vinyl, the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series use the latest technology to deliver vivid colours and striking contrast on a range of substrates. With greater levels of application versatility, PSPs can tackle more ambitious jobs in order to impress their customers and stand out from the crowd.

“The launch of the new HP Latex Printer series is an exciting moment for us, the culmination of new technology and HP’s innovative ink capabilities to create a huge leap in the opportunities we can offer to local customers,” said Craig Hardman, country manager LFP, HP Australia.

“It’s all about moving forward and stepping up to a whole new level of printing. We want to empower PSPs to grow their business, and with the new HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series, there are now a range of applications that aim to help businesses embrace more ambitious projects – safe in the knowledge their work will deliver.”

Customers today are constantly looking for higher quality and innovative ideas when it comes to printing, but they’re also looking for speed and efficiency when deciding on their print provider. HP’s new Latex portfolio can drive value for businesses and help beat their deadlines with smart and productive printing solutions.

Automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning reduce the risk of quality issues, while updated printheads with more nozzles produce speeds of up to 36 m2/hr, offering greater productivity than previous models[ii]. Users can also work faster, processing reprints and multi-copy jobs with a smart front panel that can store up to 100 jobs at a time.

Operationally, HP PrintOS also lets PSPs monitor their printer fleet using a cloud-based interface, meaning they can control their print operations virtually anywhere, anytime. These smart tools allow users to identify and remotely diagnose issues, triggering immediate service and allowing for maximum uptime.

Across the local market today, there is another factor beyond quality and productivity driving the decision-making process for customers – sustainability. Particularly in Australia and New Zealand, there is increasing value placed in print solutions that can be better for printer operators and production staff, better for end-customers and better for the environment all at the same time.

HP Latex Technology has fundamentally changed the environmental profile of signage, decoration and textile printing over the years. The latest HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series each use the HP Eco Carton – a cartridge made with cardboard material and reducing the amount of plastic used by 80 per cent[iii].

PSPs can also embrace a more sustainable approach with energy efficient printers, water-based inks, and odourless prints that let them reach more indoor spaces. Plus, with our simple take-back programs, eligible HP supplies can be easily returned and recycled.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and want to experience the versatile applications of the new HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series for yourself, book a live demo here.  

HP’s local team of experts can advise you on the best printer to suit your needs and inform you about the latest trade-in program. Give them a call at 1800 004 167 (Australia) + 64 (800) 527550 (New Zealand) or email us at HPLargeFormatPrinter_AU@hp.com.

[i] Whitest white based on ISO/DIS 23498 compared to competitive alternatives using solvent and UV technologies under $50,000 USD as of May, 2020. Test performed on black opaque self-adhesive vinyl (L*:4.16 – a:0,48-b:2,34) with 160% UF print mode using HP 832 1-liter White Latex Ink Cartridge. Visual opacity = 91%.

[ii] Outdoor mode (Banner) 4-pass, 100%. Based on internal HP testing in September 2020 on Avery 3001. Print speed may vary due to the adaptive printing mechanism to avoid image quality defects.

[iii] The ink cartridge HP Eco-carton cardboard container can be recycled through local recycling streams and the ink bag, as well as printheads, are eligible for recycling through the free, convenient HP Planet Partners program. Visit http://www.hp.com/recycle to see how to participate and for HP Planet Partners program features and availability; program may not be available in your area. Where this program is not available, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available at http://www.hp.com/go/ecodata to determine appropriate disposal.

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