Tech guide: Digital label presses


Combining high speed with a native print resolution of 600dpi, the Domino K600i is an inkjet printing solution that can be integrated into an existing web press or rewinder for digital imprinting, or can be used in the format of a monochrome digital press.

Operating at speeds up to 150 metres/min, with the versatility to be configured to the print width required, the K600i is designed for sheet or web, and can print onto labels, tags, tickets, forms, security products and direct mail including labels, envelopes, folders, carton boards and leaflets. Its variable data printing capability supports text, numbering, barcodes, 2D codes including QR codes, images, graphics and personalised data printing.

Using piezo drop on demand ink jet technology, the Domino K600i can print onto a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates and plastic media. Print quality can be optimised and ink usage controlled, allowing printers to reduce production costs and maximise profit for each job.

Unique to Domino, the i-Tech intelligent technology features incorporated within the Domino K600i allow printers to maximise productivity, minimise manual intervention, and reduce downtime and costs.

The recently launched K600i digital foiling solution uses the K600i to print a digital adhesive to create the image area prior to UV curing and delamination. Unlike some other inkjet solutions that print metallic ink to provide a foil-like effect, it is based on real conventional metallic foil to provide a higher quality finish and to enable the use of security and decorative holographic images within the foil.

Domino has developed a unique digital cold foiling solution using the K600i, which enables conventional metallic foils to be digitally applied to label and packaging substrates including features such as variable text, security marks and graphics.

Operating at speeds up to 75 metres/ minute, the K600i digitally prints a UV curable adhesive to create the image/ pattern area; foil is then laminated onto the substrate and UV cured, prior to delamination.

Domino Inkjet solutions are distributed in Australia by Trimatt Systems.


Ink type: UV curable

Maximum line speed: 37.5-150metres/min

Print resolution: 300-600dpi; 1,200dpi options

Nominal drop sizes: Selectable 6, 7, 11, 14pl (14pl drop only at reduced speeds)

Image width: 108-445mm; wider on request

Nominal media to print head distance: 1.0mm

Media: Coated and uncoated paper, foil and plastic

Ink supply: 0.75-10 litres (ink dependent).



The EFI Jetrion 4950LX LED press gives label converters high resolution throughput and full LED curing, with a modular advantage of additional features.

The press extends the capabilities of EFI’s digital label printing systems, and users can now produce more primary applications with a higher image quality of up to 720 x 720dpi and finer two-point text. Its first-in-class LED curing technology prints thin and traditionally difficult stocks, increasing the overall flexibility of this machine for the production of flexible packaging and shrink sleeves.

LED curing is also a greener, more economical solution compared with other curing or drying methods, with reduced costs due to lower energy use and significantly longer lamp life.

Converters can achieve a new level of digital label production with higher image quality, finer text and a wider colour gamut. The press’s opaque white ink enables full-colour imaging on clear, translucent, metallised or coloured substrates. As a result, users can expand their capabilities and take on more primary label applications and pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labels. The press’s LED imaging system produces crisp, two-point text and offers increased Pantone matching.

Users also eliminate costly click charges, and the press’s durable adhesion to a wide range of standard label substrates reduces the need for over and under laminates.

The press is available with inline finishing modules including a varnish/ lamination module and a high-powered laser cutter, available in single-head (500W) or dual-head (1000W) configuration, which provides the speed and versatility for label producers working at widths of 330mm for a fast, precision integrated inline production system.

An EFI Fiery digital front end for the press provides colour management, and gives converters the benefit of new dynamic smoothing technology, which eliminates file-related banding while ensuring smooth and consistent quality for high-end work.


Maximum web widths: 350mm

Imaging width: Up to 330mm

Substrate options: Paper, films, foil, tag, specialty, shrink and heat sensitive films

Max print speed: 34 metres/min full resolution; 48m/min in 720 x 360 mode

Print resolution: Up to 720 x 720dpi

RIP: EFI Fiery XF for Jetrion

Options: White printing module, laser die cutting, varnish/lamination, full featured finishing



The Epson SurePress L-4033A inkjet digital label press sets a benchmark for short-run printing.

The SurePress L-4033A offers the ability to print on a wide range of standard labels stocks using Epson’s aqueous six-colour ink set. The SurePress also presents itself as an ideal platform for today’s label converter.

The SurePress L-4033A uses Epson’s Micro Piezo Head technology offering a 720 x 1,440dpi print resolution in addition to a variable droplet capability which allows the ink to be applied in a particularly uniform manner for smooth gradations.

As with all its printers Epson places emphasis on providing its customers with savings at the lowest cost to the environment. The SurePress L-4033A uses water-based, resin-coated pigments developed by Epson, so SurePress users no longer need to press coat or pre-treat stocks before going to press. Both the SurePress L-4033A and the SurePress AQ inks are compliant with EU Directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance).

Epson and its sales partners can provide users of the SurePress L-4033A with tailored technical support and customer service contracts to meet all their specific requirements.

With a digital label solution starting at under $200,000 the Epson SurePress L-4033A represents an opportunity for label converters to work profitably in high quality label printing.


Print technology: Epson Micropiezo inkjet

Max resolution: 720 x 720dpi (paper); 1,440 x 720dpi (film)

Ink type: Resin coated pigment based aqueous

Colours: C+M+Y+K+Mk+Gr+Or

Max print speed: Up to 5 metres/min at 720 x 720dpi (paper)

Max image size: 315 x 914 mm

Media support: Standard self-adhesive label stock and film (no pre-coating required), semi-gloss, gloss and matte paper stock, BOPP, PET and Yupo



The Gallus DCS 340 is the first ever modular digital converting system from Gallus, and will be presented at Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels.

DCS (Digital Converting System) is the designation of the new digital inline label printing system from the company. An inkjet printing module integrated into a Gallus machine platform combines the latest digital printing technology with the benefits of conventional printing and further processing technology.

This new machine system was developed as a joint venture between Heidelberg and Fujifilm, and sets new standards in label printing for quality, short-run production efficiency and scope for customisation.

A native resolution of 1200dpi delivers print quality that is unmatched in UV inkjet printing today. By combining the strengths of digital printing with an inline finishing process that has been specially optimised for digital printing, the Gallus DCS 340 offers varnish, embellish and further process labels inline, from the roll to the finished die-cut label in a single production operation.


Resolution: 1,200dpi

Colours: up to 8

Options: Varnishing, embellishing, die cutting



With 6000 HP Indigo digital presses installed and over 4000 customers in 120 countries, HP Indigo is a global leader in digital printing.

Printers can produce labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging and shrink sleeves to satisfy a full range of customer requirements. HP Indigo presses feature a powerful digital front end and an automated colour engine by Esko.

The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press is a leading narrow-web printing solution for high-volume labels and packaging production. The press delivers a high crossover point in narrow-web production versus analogue for the vast majority of pressure-sensitive label jobs. It can produce up to 40 linear metres per minute in colour using Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM). It also offers output with a larger 320 x 980mm image format. An inline spectrophotometer saves time on colour calibrations and colour profiles.

The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press offers nearly any packaging application, including flexible packaging, labels, and shrink sleeves on film or paper. It also includes converters with all the tools needed from order to fulfilment.

Engineered for mid-web packaging applications such as flexible packaging and label printing, the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press brings the same quality as gravure to operations to meet all client demands for medium and short runs. HP Indigo is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Currie Group.


Max print speed: Up to 30m/min in 4-colour mode; up to 40 m/min in Enhanced Productivity Mode; up to 60 m/min in 1- or 2-colour mode

Image resolution: 812dpi at 8 bit, addressability: 2438 x 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)

Line screens: 144, 175, 180lpi

Max image format: 320 x 980mm

Substrate thickness: 12 to 450 microns

Substrate types: Pressure-sensitive label stock, paperboard, and unsupported films

Max web width: 340mm.



Screen’s Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press uses inkjet with UV curing across a maximum 350mm web and at speeds up to 50 metres per hour.

The first installation, via dealer Jet Technologies, has now been running for four months at Sydney’s DS Labels and is proving productive, with customers commenting on the high quality of their labels, especially with the white ink. Several demonstrations and job trials to further prospective operators have taken place, with further orders expected this year. Owner Deane Sproule describes it as “the best digital label press in Australia,” adding, “The L350UV provides near-photographic quality labels with pin-sharp barcodes and fine text. Not only is the quality there, our new press prints scuff-resistant labels on a wide range of self-adhesive stocks. So far we’ve found 35 locally available stocks.”

“The L350UV has been a success worldwide, with over 25 sold in a short time, with one US flexo label printer saying that, since installing an L350, it has proven suitable for at least 57 per cent of all their work,” says local Screen managing director Peter Scott. “The USA, Italy, UK, South Africa and of course Japan are all performing well with the L350. Some customers have ordered their second L350 as more work migrates from flexo.”

Labels depend as much on converting and finishing as printing itself and Screen recently announced the availability of its finishing solution, the JetConverter 350. Matching the 350mm web width of the L350UV, it offers features such as slitting, die-cutting, matrix stripping, corona treatment, varnish, up to two flexo units, laminating, tinting, cold foil and up to 12 auto-slitting knives. The JetConverter can be deployed either as a near-line or inline solution.

Recent upgrades to the L350UV include Vivid Color mode, a system of achieving spot and Pantone colours from the standard wide-gamut cmyk+white inkset, and JDF connectivity to Screen’s Equios digital front-end. Because of the ultra-small 3 picolitre ink droplet size and thin ink laydown, a new HD text/barcode feature has been added that produces sharp text even on uncoated substrates.

“Above all, the L350UV is the most productive digital label press on the market,” says Scott. “Apart from sheer speed at 966 square metres per hour, its uptime is better than even flexo presses that take two to three hours to set up; it’s a digital press that performs like a short-run conventional device, but at lower costs per job.”


Printing system: Piezo single-pass printing, four tones per drop

Print heads: 4 step greyscale printheads

Max resolution: 600 x 600dpi

Print speed: 6.1m2/min at 50m/min

Media width: 100-350mm

Inks: Truepress inks CMYK + white

Options: Web cleaner, mark sensors, white ink, Corona unit



Based on Xeikon Cheetah technology, the Xeikon CX3 digital label press has a top speed of 30 metres/min. The 1,200 x 3,600dpi digital press is dedicated solely to the production of self-adhesive/pressure sensitive labels.

It offers all the benefits of the Xeikon 3000 Series, including the use of dry toners that meet FDA regulations for food contact and the ability to print opaque white toner in one pass. It also enables printing on a variety of heat-sensitive substrates due to incorporation of Xeikon’s ICE toner technology, which requires a much lower fusing temperature than typical toner-based presses.

Xeikon presses are based on dry toner electro-photography. This enables the use of conventional substrates that do not have to be pre-treated. Extremely high toner light fastness and truly eco-friendly printing (no VOCs) are other features of the Xeikon presses for digital label and package printing.

The presses offer easy integration of third-party workflow software and converting/ finishing solutions, and incorporate professional colour management capabilities. In addition to the standard CMYK + White, the fifth station on the Xeikon CX3 can be used to print gamut expansion colours or security toner. Media weights range from 40gsm to 350gsm.

Xeikon designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for labels and packaging applications. Xeikon Services offers all necessary support from installation, setup and maintenance to a range of premium services that include training and education, colour services and business development training and advice. Xeikon offers financing solutions to its customers, with financing rates project dependent.



Print process: LED-array-based, dry toner electrophotography

Colour configuration: 5/0 simplex, 5th colour station for spot, security toner or opaque white

Inline spectrophotometer: Standard, automatic density control while printing

Inline register control: Standard, automatic register control while printing

Toner: Xeikon QA-CH (Cheetah-toner)

Max resolution: 1,200 x 3,600dpi with variable dot density

Screening: Pericles screening library (AM screening)

Imaging width: 322mm

Repeat length: Variable, 0-55m

Web speed: 30m/min for 4, 5 colours @ 1,200dpi

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