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Like most schemes, once the paper’s carbon footprint is established, manufacturers offset it by investing in green projects. At the same time, customers can choose papers that have a low carbon footprint because they have been sourced locally. For example, in the US, Rolling Stone magazine became the first mainstream magazine to print with carbon neutral paper, using Canadian-made Catalyst Cooled.

Most manufacturers are now offering partly or fully recycled paper in their range of products. “We have increased the range of weights in our Redeem 100% Recycled range up to 315gsm and also increased the range of colours in our recycled Colorset range,” says Hobson. Yet, while the demand for recycled paper is huge and is, therefore, helping to boost paper sales, the flip side is that non-recycled paper is perceived negatively. “This is bad for the industry when we have a product that is natural, sustainable, recyclable and bio-degradable,” explains Hobson.

Interest rise in uncoated
The use of uncoated papers is also on the increase. “Uncoated papers are the current vogue,” says Hobson. “Designers are after a tactile feel, without compromising on print quality. Printers are definitely getting to grips with uncoated papers and working well with them to achieve some great results.” For example, St Ives Roche won Robert Horne and M-real’s Tauro Go Wild competition for a job printed on Tauro uncoated paper. It was awarded a holiday to Africa for its efforts.

Manufacturers are also keen to point out that their uncoated paper stock can be used for four-colour process print. The use of four-colour reproduction was previously associated with coated stock, but there has been a growth in demand for this in the uncoated text and cover market. Tullis Russell, PaperCo, and Fenner Paper are among the list of manufacturers producing such products.

• Beswick Paper acquired Premier Paper from Antalis in March to become the sixth largest paper merchant in the UK by turnover. The £19.1m deal was the result of a ruling by the EU competition commission following Antalis’ acquisition of Map Merchant in October last year
• Tullis Russell partnered with merchant PaperCo to produce a promotional brochure featuring the Advocate range of uncoated wood-free paper and board. The brochure shows use of four-colour process print, solid spot colour and a variety of two-and four-colour print
• Fenner Paper launched a new swatch for its uncoated paper range Omnia. Available from 115gsm to 300gsm, it’s aimed at the text and cover market where a tactile surface and high-bulk is required. “The uncoated text and cover market now demands four-colour reproduction, so it’s imperative to demonstrate the print quality achievable,” said Justin Hobson, marketing director at Fenner Paper. The new swatch features evocative images by photographer Martyn Rose

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