Xyron Pro 2500

What does the machine do?
It is a versatile A2/A1 cold lamination machine, which can also apply acid-free adhesive, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to spray adhesive. As well as single- and double-sided lamination, the machine can laminate on the front and apply either permanent or re-positionable adhesive on the back. It can also be used to apply adhesive only on the back of paper, card, photographs, fabric and textured stock. In addition, it allows doubled-sided, edge-to-edge encapsulation, meaning that artwork can be cropped to size without curling or peeling.

Why did you make the purchase?
We offer digital, litho and poster printing, photography and employ surveyors; we are a ‘one-stop’ shop for estate agents. We enlarge pictures of some of the most imposing properties, print and stick them on to Foamex board and laminate them for agents to put them in their shop windows or hang in reception. I happened to mention to Colyer of London, who supply our large-format material, how messy and unhealthy it was to use spray adhesive. I asked them whether there was anything on the market that was cleaner and more environmentally friendly. They recommended the Xyron Pro 2500.
Why did you choose this particular machine?
It was exactly what we wanted. It handles printed material up to 635mm wide, with no fumes or mess.
Did you look at any other similar machines?
No, because the Xyron representative gave us a good demonstration and there are no other direct competitors.  
What features do you particularly like?
It’s simple to operate, flexible, portable and, above all, it’s clean. We mainly use the adhesive roll to stick printed material on to board or to stick proofs together in a professional way, as we don’t have a proofing press. We do sometimes use the cartridge, which applies adhesive on the back and laminate on the front, but most of our lamination is done on a separate large-format laminator. However, I can alternate quickly and easily between the different finishes by putting in a different roll of material. The Xyron Pro is manually operated and requires no warm-up time.

How fast is it?
As fast as I can turn the handle!
What’s the quality like?

Very good. Much better than spray adhesive because it covers the whole sheet and doesn’t peel away.
How easy it is to use?
Very straightforward.

Has it won you any new work?
Not really, because we have a loyal customer base and we have always supplied this type of work.

Would you say it offers value for money?

Obviously, you can’t compare the cost with a tin of adhesive spray, which is about £5, but I think it represents good value for money and the consumables are competitively priced.
What about the pre- and after-sales service?
The Xyron representative was very enthusiastic and told us everything we needed to know. We have an excellent ongoing relationship with Colyer.
Who do you think the machine is right for?
Anybody who wants a healthy alternative to spray adhesive and needs to laminate and apply adhesive in one machine.
Under what circumstance would you buy another?
It would be unlikely for us to buy another because it is not used every day. It should last us for a very long time because there is really nothing to go wrong with it.

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