Scodix S74 Pro

This one-of-a-kind device turns flat printed sheets into memorable marketing that transcends the senses

Ryobi-Kodak hybrid press

A demanding Japanese customer inspired the pair of vendors to devise a “game-changing” combination

Kodak Prinergy 6

Good things come to those who wait. When this next iteration of the workflow hits the market, it will take automation to a new level.

HP Indigo 10000

If sales at Drupa are anything to go by, this larger-format digital press will become the one to beat in the B2 space.

Oce VarioPrint DP 110/120/135

The most significant development to come out of the Canon merger is a B&W workhorse that is more grunt than glamour.

Fujifilm Brillia HD PRO-T3

When is a printing plate not just a printing plate? When it’s a processless Brillia HD PRO-T3 that’s when. At least, that’s what Fujifilm want you to believe. The vendor has invested heavily to bring this “new era of platemaking” to market and – hyperbole notwithstanding – it looks like it could be on to a winner.

Roland DG LEJ-640

The latest device in the manufacturer’s VersaUV range has quickly become one of its most popular

Multigraf Eurofold Touchline CF375

The machine combines a small footprint, ease of use and a low price point to put complex processes in the hands of the everyday printer.


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