Bachelor of Business – Graphic Technologies

In last month’s column we spoke of the new print-industry specific degree, and the stage of development reached at that time. Since then some significant milestones have been reached including the naming of the degree. It will be known as the Bachelor of Business – Graphic Technologies degree.

It is important that we all understand that this is an academic qualification, developed by one of this country’s leading (and largest) universities. It is not a trade qualification, nor technology driven.The degree is business driven, as was the wish of those involved in the scoping exercise, and now the PAC Group (Programme Advisory Committee) wholly made up of industry people from Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

The whole concept is to develop participants within the degree parameters and to exit them with a set of capabilities to suit their respective businesses as they exit.

As previously mentioned, this degree course is specifically designed for the graphic communication industries, with flexible entry levels, equally flexible delivery, with a commitment of this being a truly national degree.

As an industry we have a need to embrace this opportunity as we have never before, because it is a chance afforded the industry as never before.

Some of the business issues we need to address by better informed and educated staff include:
• Falling margins (falling prices rather than rising costs)
• In the past technology has been seen as the solution to the competitive edge – perhaps illusionary in some cases
• The need to be business rather than craft driven
• The need for a new business model where a strategic planning is a part of making informed business decisions leading to a new intellectual stimulus
• New business directions are needed where change management is a part of making informed business decisions, and is integral to the process of implementing new technologies
• In a changing business environment businesses need to keep informed as to changes in Government legislation, and how to implement them without adversely impacting the business
These are but a few of the issues that impact a business of today, and here we have an opportunity to gain this knowledge whilst still immersed in the business.

Remember these key dates – enrolments need be completed by end September 2003. First semester starts March 2004.
There is not much time left, so don’t wait for us to contact you, contact RMIT University – Institute of Graphic Technology, telephone 03 9925 9446.

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