Daetwyler ups engraving speed

The Vision 3 engraving head can automatically set up cells based only on the job ticket information whether conventional engraving at 8’100 Hz or TranScribe engraving. Therefore, this system can be used even in fully automatic production lines, to engrave the linework component of a job in TranScribe, while the remaining separations are engraved conventionally. Its implementation into the high speed Vision 3 engraving head takes this specialty method to speeds that allow finest quality engraving at high productivity

The company says that the successful introduction of the direct laser system in the gravure market has created new demands in terms of linework quality for the users of electromechanical engraving machines. In 1997, the US supplier of engraving machines Ohio Electronic Engravers developed specialty engraving methods such as Transcribe, which were consequently refined by MDC Max Daetwyler after taking over Ohio’s assets.

These highly sophisticated methods eliminate the former limitations of linework reproduction in electromechanical engraving.

TranScribe is a micro–embossing tool that reproduces linework and text elements without the usual gravure screens. Several small trenches build “master screen” cells, which exactly follow the outlines of the text elements and eliminate the usual saw tooth effect. This method allows the reproduction quality of a very fine screen, while providing the ink volume of a much coarser cell. As with conventional screens, a channel between subsequent cells – adjustable in width and depth – can be implemented.

Faster engraving for everyone

Meanwhile the new HelioSprint high-performance engraving system is now available for all HelioKlischograph units of K201 and higher. HelioSprint combines double-speed engraving with enhanced cell geometry. More than 1000 HelioSprint engraving systems have already been installed worldwide are working successfully. Consequently, almost all new HelioKlischograph units today come with HelioSprint. Old HelioKlischograph models of the K201, K303, K304 and K305 series can now also use HelioSprint. This has been made possible through the inexpensive TIFF Upgrade Kit, which upgrades HelioKlischograph units to include TIFF direct engraving.

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