Digitalpress hits top at NSW PICAs

The PIAA-organised Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards (PICAs) returned to NSW last night, with the gold winners gaining the right to enter the National Print Awards (NPAs).


Sydney based Digitalpress was the lead winner of the show, taking four gold, six silver, and four bronze, with its stand-out piece being a memorial book to commemorate the victims of the Martin Place siege. Digitalpress also won gold in the Ball & Doggett Highly Commended category for its Teneo Book.


Owner Theo Pettaras says, “We do not do the work to receive prizes, but it is always nice when the team is recognised for the effort it puts in. We do a lot of collaborative work, and it shows in the products we create.”


Rawson Print Co took four gold medals, in categories ranging from promotional pieces to packaging, added to the list in lieu of the Australian Packaging Council of Australia merging with PIAA. Carbon8 was the next most highly awarded company, taking home three gold, including the Specialty Printing category, alongside one silver and bronze.


WHO Printing won two gold medals, both in offset book categories, also taking three silver medals, and two bronze.


Momento Pro won the gold in the Ball & Doggett Judges Award for its Omar + Suzi’s Wedding Celebration book, also taking the silver in the same category.


Multi-Color Corporation (Griffith) was the last company to win a gold, also taking the silver medal for the same category, Labels.


Andrew Macaulay, CEO, PIAA, says, “When we surveyed the members, there was strong feedback that there needed to be a PICAs in every state, to make it equal for all printers. The second piece of feedback we got was that it needed to be affordable, and needed to be in a relaxed social venue that was accessible to printers, so away from the CBD, which was the case the last night.


“And while it celebrated print, and all the awards on display, people did not want to sit all night and watch people accept awards. They wanted it quick, and to be free to network.


“People wanted to see the quality of the print, and look at the materials, see and talk to their competitors about the industry and the future.


“We wanted to get back to celebrating the value chain of print, as well as the quality and craftsmanship. We wanted to celebrate the value it delivers, and it was great to see that nearly every printer who was in attendance brought at least one customer with them. An ex-member of parliament, Chris Puplick was also in attendance.


“The book that Digitalpress made for the victims of the Victoria Street siege was moving. They produced some really creative stuff, and did well.


“The precedent in NSW is that there has not been one in a number of years, which had weakened the NPAs. Regional members in NSW had mentioned the PICAs were a means for them to enter.


“We want to hold a genuinely regional PICAs in western NSW, Queensland, and regional Victoria.


“Victoria has never had a PICAs, but attendance is looking good for next week’s event. In South Australia there has not been a PICAs in a while, but there is good attendance there relative to the size of the state.


“At the end of the day it is about member satisfaction. A lot of what happened at that event have come about from changes made following conversations with the industry about some of the changes. Tony Bertrand from Ball & Doggett was instrumental in changing the thinking about the PICAs and NPAs.”


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