Drying at drupa with Megtec

The Dual-Dry TNV is further enhanced with two new features. A ’Recipe’ function has been added to handle different paper grades where zone temperatures are optimally adapted to the printed material. The Exhaust Reduction System (ERSplus) allows reduction of gas consumption up to 50 per cent. The system can be ordered on a new dryer and can be retrofitted onto existing machines. A short payback time makes the system economically attractive.

The Dual-Dry RTO drying system with regenerative oxidation technology is now available in a three-zone drying system, the Dual-Dry RTO. RTO technology offers the lowest possible gas consumption with up to 80 per cent lower pollutant emissions, and longer equipment life. To handle different paper grades, a new RECIPE function is integrated. Zone temperatures are optimally adapted to the printed material. The Dual-Dry air bar system separates the functions of flotation and heat transfer into two air bars with separate designs and is proven on wide and fast presses where MEGTEC is the long-recognized market leader. The system is now supplied for 24, 32, 48, 64 and 72-page presses.

Megtec also offers a broad range of engineering and consulting services. This includes machine upgrades such as replacements of obsolete control components to latest PLC technology, software or transformations of shaft drives to AC technology, burner upgrades, or complete rebuilds of old equipment.

Energy audits and analyses help define future pollution control needs. Retrofits of energy recovery systems give immediate energy savings at short payback times. Replacement of oxidisers or oxidiser bodies, as well as media upgrades on RTOs save downtime and increase energy efficiency.

Megtec has also taken over the sales and marketing of NITTO splicing tapes in the offset printing industry. In addition to offering the convenience of handling tape orders through its worldwide service centres, Megtec provides process experience in splice preparation. The new All-In-One tape has been jointly developed by NITTO Denko and Megtec. The All-In-One tape by NITTO is based on the technology of the R9411 tape, recognized as industry standard. Splice preparation becomes simple with the All-In-One tape. With this new design, the application of roll closing labels has become unnecessary, and the creation of air pockets is avoided by the completely closed splice. The splice opens by a special perforation of the tape. Along with simpler splice preparation, the system allows higher splice efficiency.

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