Give me ORIS Boris!

ORIS Works and Works Plus workflows come from the long-established Frankfurt-based CGS Publishing Technologies, creators of Australia’s number one contract proofing software known as ORIS Color Tuner. The beauty of ORIS Works is that it is so flexible, it protects any existing investment you might have in scanners, Macs, film imagesetters and CTP devices as it functions with all of them. ORIS Works even drives the KBA Karat74 digital presses installed by iPrint in Melbourne and Sydney recently.

CGS’s local technician and trainer David Crowther names three other advantages; “ORIS Works can begin as a small workflow costing very little, enabling import of PostScript and PDF documents, hotfolder job management and, for example, trapping and/or imposition. It can grow from there on by adding functionality. Secondly, the export file format is incredibly clean – flat PostScript or flat PDF. All the unnecessary data is removed so errors are rare and files will rip through any major rip to CTP or film.”

The third advantage Crowther cites is a big one. A new ORIS module called PDF Tuner enables PDF and other files to be edited (late binding), up to just seconds before final output to plate, film or digital press. Late changes are all the more frequent these days and the ability to make these changes to the pages without going all the way upstream to design, is a huge bonus. Crowther says, “ORIS PDF Tuner is a publisher’s dream come true, whether they or the printer runs the software. Everything, including embedded Type 1 and TrueType fonts, is editable in one application. Simple price changes, product descriptions or substitutions are a breeze and even creative changes such as colours, soft edges, transparencies, vector manipulations and so on, are accomplished as part of the ORIS Workflow, no matter what programme originally created them.” ORIS PDF Tuner is also available as a stand-alone PDF editing application for Mac or PC.

ORIS Works Plus CTP is the peak product of the breed. This is bells and whistles workflow for order entry, job planning, job ticketing, imposition, trapping, proofing, preflighting, selection of printing press, choice of imposition scheme and release of data to CTP device. The entire production status is displayed for all pages, with page previews. An SQL database stores, tracks and retrieves all job-related information. ORIS Works Plus CTP delivers the highest visibility of any workflow:- nothing is left to guesswork or approximation.

Crowther, a veteran of automated workflows from their earliest days, concludes, “Buying workflow is a tailor-made decision. Every printer and publisher operates in their own unique way, so their workflows need to be tweaked and selected to integrate seamlessly into their environment. This is where ORIS Works excels because it is so open and flexible.” CTP

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