HP enters dye-sub market with Stitch

HP introduced its Stitch S1000 at day one of Fespa, a 3.2m, super wide dye sub production printer designed for high productivity and simplified operation, able to print direct or onto transfer papers.

Fully automatic maintenance ensures optimal image quality without user intervention, while saving time with easy media loading and unloading by a single operator.

It targets the polyester market, where its Latex devices do not perform as strongly, addressing what it sees as a gap.

Ester Sala, global business director, Textile Printing, HP, explains, “In the digital market, polyester is 60 per cent of all volume.

“We did not invent dye sub, but we have reinvented it.

“When we think of the dye sublimation market, we can address the needs of signage market, soft signage, interior decor, sportswear, and apparel.

“Signage is moving from PVC to fabric, with the better quality it offers. Transporting a PVC banner costs 5x more from the difference in weight.

International brands are forcing regional brands to work in a similar way.

Interior decor is moving quickly into polyester, from upholstery to carpets, curtains, even bedding, with a polyester outside and cotton inside.

“Sportswear is the dominant space for dye sublimation. This market is growing because of a change in consumer trends. New generations are more sensitive to healthier lifestyles and work/life balance. It is a growing demand in sporting consumption from an apparel and sportswear point

“New generations are playing more sports in the US.

“In apparel, fast-fashipn has adopted polyester from a price point, and with the new mixed polyester materials hitting the market.

“In a fast fashion company, you have less than five weeks to deliver, compared to traditional stores which have 14 weeks. Speed is crucial.”

The new HP Stitch portfolio also includes the 1.62 m HP Stitch S300 and S500 printers, which it says removes complexity from dye sub printing by offering a bundled package of hardware, paper, and inks, with software and designs.

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