Jet brings Innovations Series to Sydney

Jet Technologies held its Innovations Series in Sydney today, following Auckland on Monday, and will take the talks to Melbourne tomorrow.


Gary Sewerd, managing director of Pulse Roll Label Products, based in the UK, opened the event, discussing regulatory issues that occur when different markets each set separate standards of ink migration for food packaging, and different chemical registration bodies operating independently.


Sewerd noted, “You find ink companies often do not bring their products to Australia because of the high cost of registering new ink formulations. They say, well, it is a relatively small market, so let’s not do it.


“What is really important is that it is restricting Australia and New Zealand. All the manufacturers that are making wonderful inks will not register them here. You guys will go behind with ink technology.”


Jack Malki, managing director, Jet Technologies, elaborated, saying, “You would think that if inks are approved in the UK, and America, that would be good enough, but we also need to do it in Australia, and New Zealand. We can not bring out the latest and greatest products because they are often not registered yet in Australia.


“If you want to register a chemical here, it is often around $18,000, and it takes a year or two, with the registration only lasting a year or two.”


Malki also took time to urge printers to switch to oxo-biodegradable plastics for their print work, noting that they are quite similar from a cost perspective, but will break down in landfill over a relatively short period of time, unlike conventional plastics. Jet now sells oxo-biodegradable plastics, and has invested in getting stock into its warehouse.


Malki says, “Within two years, the oxo-biodegradable plastics lose 70 per cent of their mass.”


The issue with how Australia will deal with its waste now that China is not accepting it is huge, and politicians are now scrambling to find appropriate policies.


“Printers should get ahead of that regulation, which will probably come in next year, and switch to using biodegradable plastics now.”


Dieter Niederstadt, technical marketing manager, Asahi Photoproducts, made the trip from Germany, and discussed the company’s Clean Transfer Technology for flexo plates, giving an example of a printer who had a 33 per cent printing speed improvement from changing over.


Niederstadt noted, “During the printing run, the plate stays clean and has the same ink transfer throughout, meaning there is less downtime.”


Comparing jobs from the same printer between different plates, printing 8,221m of work took two hours and 30 minutes with the Asahi plates, while the same job took five hours and fifteen minutes with the previous plate used by the printer.


Peter Scott, managing director, Screen Australia, discussed the Japanese press manufacturers latest digital label press, the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV +, and opportunities for growth with inkjet print technology.


Scott says, “Personalised labels are combined with online and email marketing campaign, linked with QR codes and augmented reality. They enable you to synchronise the advantages of the internet to connect with your customers.


“They provide labels with value-adding features, and you can turn them around fairly quickly with a digital press. Digital printing has proven to open up creative opportunities, and drive value by building brands and enhancing sales.


“To make the most out of digital labels, and short runs, a digital storefront, or web to print (W2P) solution helps. A well-built W2P system can give printers growth of 10 to 20 per cent. It makes you a 24 hour print service, you can get jobs from customers while you’re at home in bed on the weekend.


“Automation reduces costs, and increases profits.”

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