Oce Arizona 360 GT

Describe your business

We specialise in general screenprinting of flatsheet and garment as well as digital print and promotional items.

What have you bought?

An Océ Arizona 360 GT flatbed UV printer.

What does it do?

Digitally prints UV-based inks direct to substrates.wi

Why did you choose this product?

We had bought from resellers in the past only to have a sour taste left in our mouths with after-sales service that went missing after the deal had been done, so this time round we wanted to deal with the manufacturer. So after looking at a couple of various brands, Océ seemed to offer the support service that we were looking for. Also after many discussions with current owners of this machine, not a bad word had been said against the machine or Océ. 

Did you consider any other products?

Yes we did. We look at other manufacturers’ machines and also various models. But we had a fairly good idea of what was important to us. 

What features of the machine do you particularly like?

There are many UV flatbed printers around but I think the biggest point for us was the correctness of the colour output. The Arizona had very good colour profiles straight out of the box. I don’t think our decision was based particularly on features as much as an overall package, of machine quality, after-sales service and support and the quality of the finished print product. 

Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?

Like all machines, it lacks in some features that some of the other manufacturers offer. But in saying that, some of the other flatbeds lacked features that this machine brought to the table. I think if you are seriously looking to get into this type of machine, you need to make sure the machine will suit your own particular workflow and environment and suit the application you intend to use it for. 

How easy is it to use?

The Arizona 360 GT is a very simple machine to operate. Like most digital machines, the complications come in learning new RIP software and how that will change your production processes. 

How has the pre- and after-sales service been?

This was one of the major factors in our purchase decision. We have only needed to have one service call so far and the service technician was here well inside the guaranteed timeframes and sorted the problem immediately, which is pretty good considering we some distance from the metropolitan Océ service area.

Has it saved time and money? 

The machine is relatively new to the business, but I believe it will save us time. Traditional screenprinting can absorb a lot of set-up and pre-production costs prior to printing the job. With the flatbed, as soon as the file is approved you can start printing. So yes, it will save us time.

Has it won you any new business?

The machine is only new, so while it has not won us new business yet, we have many customers interested in the type of new products that we can offer. I expect that before long, it will generate profits in new areas.

Were there any difficulties surrounding the install?

The service and install team at Océ were very professional, from pre-install site inspections to the day it was delivered it ran smoothly with little effort from us at Smartprint Group.

Who do you think this product is right for?

The flatbed will not be for everyone. You need to see if it covers your market segment. Our business has been slowly changing over the past three to four years, from long production runs with screenprint to shorter on-demand business. This product is a great asset to our flexibility to deliver the client what is required. 

Would you buy another one?





Supplier’s response

The Smartprint group have just installed the first Océ Arizona UV flatbed in the Toowoomba region. Like many traditional screen printers, they saw the need to offer a cost-effective way to produce smaller-run, quick-turnaround and versatile wide-format print solutions. The Arizona 360 GT is perfectly suited for this. I’m sure Smartprint and their customers will see these many benefits with their new capabilities for many years to come.

Steven Badger, Océ

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