Optimus Cloud

What is the product?

Optimus Cloud is a modular web-to-print tool, which integrates with the company’s Optimus Dash and 2020 MIS software. It aims to let printers allow customers to order multiple products, and to provide transparent information about all transactions between the parties. The tool enables print buyers to order standard products with one click and order variable data products with full access to the product’s template, regardless of complexity.

What does it do?

As a modular product, there are a range of possibilities on offer, depending on which parts of the package you wish to take on. Modules will include:

Fast Orders: enabling customers to order standard products, which can then be converted within Optimus Dash into a full production job.

Stock Orders: enabling printers to offer finished goods that can be ordered online.

Fast Quotes: an online quote generator, giving instant price information to the print buyer. It integrates with the MIS, where the customer can choose options, view the price and order in one click.

Variable Data Orders: a module that integrates with Adobe InDesign, enabling ordered products to be downloaded as PDFs or Adobe InDesign files. Printers can then import and export their customer specific InDesign templates into the Variable Data Orders module, and the customer is able to access the templates and directly edit, save, delete and order their products.

Customer View: lets clients see inform­ation from the MIS, including historical and current transactions, invoices, jobs in production, job history, quote history, stock levels and proof-tracking.

What market is it aimed at?

Optimus Cloud is aimed at all print and related service providers. However, it can only integrate with Optimus products, and not with MIS software that has been produced by other suppliers. According to the company, at some point in the future it will look to offer integration to third-party MIS.

What are its USPs?

Optimus says the product has been designed to combat issues faced by printers using traditional online ordering tools, which it says are largely used in isolation and often lead to hidden costs in unnecessary administration and duplication, which can be error-prone and expensive. It says that the tool offers an automated system for printers, which will be less of a drain on staff resources, while being a transparent and user-friendly system for customers

Optimus Group managing director Nicola Bisset explains: “We produced Optimus Cloud as the one complete solution, meeting the needs of the market to negate the requirement for multiple solutions and mitigating the hidden cost of re-keying and duplication.”

How fast is it?

Bisset says: “Fast Print customers demand a simple solution to ordering products online – print providers need to be able to deal with these orders in a streamlined, automated, integrated solution.”

Optimus Cloud fully integrates to Optimus Dash and 2020, so when a customer places an order, it appears in Optimus MIS as a full production job, with all of relevant information automat­ically populated. This information includes the invoice details, required materials and delivery instructions.

How easy is it to use?

Bisset says the tool was designed for simplicity, in line with Optimus’ ‘lean’ ethos. “This means minimal clicks, effort, time and cost,” she adds, “although full training and support is available – as always.”

How much does it cost?

Optimus Cloud is modular–based and companies can purchase single modules, but add to them at a later date if necessary. List price will start at £2,000 for a non-variable data module, but Optimus is considering offering it on a monthly fee basis.

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