A reliance on prepress

Considerable time is spent training new staff with rules-based pre-flight processes, but often the foundation of print education is lacking, says CMYKhub’s Glen Francis

Prepress: Going with the flow

Workflow management systems deliver many quantifiable advantages for print companies, from faster turnaround times to improved worker morale, says Solimar Systems’ Jonathan Malone-McGrew

Prepress the game-changer

An efficient workflow and reliable CtP system is imperative for a printing company to provide customers with efficiency improvements in the prepress process, according to Agfa Oceania’s Mark Brindley

The automation of prepress

Prepress is now far more automated, allowing for maximum efficiency as they add profit to the bottom line by resolving bottlenecks and manual intervention, says Screen’s Peter Scott

Prepress: ROI for a new CTP system

Prepress is the foundation for great print quality and determines how streamlined and efficient the print process will be, says Kodak’s Pam Morgan


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