Visy Pulp & Paper orders multiple WebVision Plus systems

The WebVision Plus system can be installed anywhere on the paper machine. The system monitors all critical locations of the paper machine from wet-end to dry-end, to the calender, reel and winder sections to prevent breaks and other defects.

WebVision Plus provides Real-Time viewing and automatically downloads break event images into a digital break bank.

The order totals nine systems and 78 cameras. These systems will be delivered and started up very quickly with the handover taking place in early July, 2004.

The systems will include features such as WebVision, Web Server, the latest WebView housing with Clean Ring + AirKnife Gold, WebLite Plus (adjustable beam angle), On-Line Formation, colour/double-speed/IR-thermal cameras, new quick disconnect base mounting kits, latest fibre optic Ethernet video transmission, full remote control (zoom, focus, shutter) cameras and a portable one camera troubleshooting unit.

Visy conducted a six month study comparing all available camera systems. This included reference visits around the world, several on-machine trials and extensive discussions on system capabilities now and in the future.

According to Visy, Papertech provided it with the technology, performance, reliability, service and long term upgrade path that it needed.

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