Accura launches new MIS W2P

Accura MIS is launching its latest iteration, promising a fully-integrated solution at a reasonable price point for smaller printers, with less training required than other systems.

Trevor Cox, CEO, Accura MIS, explains: “We have just released a new version, especially for PacPrint, which is version 5.2 of our MIS and integrated web solution. We have over 20 major enhancements in the product in response to customer demands.

“We have completed a long project with the web portal for client branding so that our customers can brand websites for their clients, to give their clients that comfort factor, and to create a USP for themselves.

“Accura has a reasonable price point. It is reachable for any-size printer. It is an end-to-end solution. We are dealing with small print companies from family-run businesses, all the way up to companies with 100 employees.

“The Accura suite is also simpler to use than other products. While some vendors may quote 30 days of training, we are quoting five to ten. That is important for smaller businesses, as they cannot spare a month away from production. In an owner managed and run business, the owner is usually busy doing tasks on the factory floor. They cannot be away from the business for two to four weeks to be training on a system, they need to be back up and running again quickly.”

“We also offer our MIS on a lease, over three, four or five years.

“We have CRM, MIS and web-to-print, all fully integrated, all from one vendor. There are all those products distinct and separate in the market, and available, but then it is a matter of hooking them all up to talk to each other. That is where a printer would struggle, need outside help from multiple vendors, and the cost and time scale of the project gets pushed out. You can then end up with an unsatisfactory solution, because typically web integration would be one-way, orders coming from the web into the MIS, and that is where it ends.

“What we have is bidirectional seamless integration, so everything in the MIS is pushed out to the web, and everything from the web is pushed directly into the MIS, without the need for programming, APIs, XML files or emails with attachments.

“The same goes for the CRM. Printers must be more customer aware, and be able to provide a more rounded service. They need to be interested into raising service tickets when jobs go wrong, to do lists, diary management and email marketing. All of those things are encompassed in the CRM, which with Accura, will integrate with the MIS, all working from a single database.

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