Fanta gets the Thai blues

“We’re really excited to be first to launch Fanta Blueberry Splash in Asia and are confident this innovative new flavor will appeal to teens that are looking for new fun and exciting things,” says Coca-Cola (Thailand) marketing manager Pam Chuenhathai.

“Teens just love the blue colour and blueberry flavor,” she says. “Almost 90 per cent of teen consumers who tested Fanta Blueberry Splash said they loved our new colourful ’flavour of fun’ and over 80 per cent said they would buy it again.”

“The introduction of ’Fanta Blueberry Splash’ re-emphasises Fanta’s leadership as this is the first-ever ’blue’ soft drink in Thailand and Asia,” says Chuenhathai. “Indeed, Thailand is among the top ten countries around the world for Fanta.”
“We’ve connected with teens in Thailand very strongly through a strong brand proposition of fun – together with innovative marketing and colourful new flavours that keep teens excited. At this age, our research showed that Thai teens crave new and fun experiences within their peer groups – so Fanta aims to give them just that.”

Fanta plans to roll out the integrated marketing campaign “Fanta…Taste The Flavor Of Fun” campaign in parallel with the “Fanta Blueberry Splash” launch. To promote the new flavour, there was a new TV commercial entitled “Show Off” which was aired in early March, coupled with radio spots, outdoor ads, cinema ads, point of purchase materials and consumer activities.

Soon to appear at teen hangouts, the “Fanta Blueberry Splash” station will offer the largest-ever sampling program of 390ml PET bottles so that teens can experience the flavour of fun for themselves. In addition, there will be Fanta Caravans upcountry and in-store sampling programs at Big C, Tops Supermarkets, and Tesco Lotus.

“Fanta Blueberry Splash” will be available in 10 oz glass bottles, 390 ml PET buddy, 325ml cans, and 1.25 litre PET at supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The “Fanta…Taste the Flavor of Fun” campaign will be backed by a full range of activities that revolve around the “Fanta Language,” which is sure to strike a chord with today’s teens.

“The campaign involves the creation of ’Fanta Language’ that allows teens to communicate among their friends in a unique way using gestures rather than speaking out loud,” says Chuenhathai. “We believe that the Fanta Language, backed by the ’Train’ TV commercial, will catch on quickly among teens”.

Fanta has consistently been the number one flavoured soft drink in Thailand for over 40 years. Fanta currently enjoys an over 70 per cent share in the flavored soft drink market in Thailand (Source: AC Neilson the latest year).

The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the leading producer and marketer of beverages in Thailand, producing, Coca-Cola; together with Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, A&W, as well as non-carbonated beverages.

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