Helping dispel green myths: PacPrint interview with Kellie Northwood

What will you be discussing at your seminar?

I will be talking about Two Sides Australia, what we have achieved and are planning for the year ahead, I’ll also be providing those attending with an overview of some key points they can use when talking customers about the environmental credentials of print and paper as well as the effectiveness surveys we have conducted that outline the power of paper.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in understanding more about the Two Sides programme. Anyone who wants to gather some information about the environmental and effectiveness statistics available to assist when communicating to customers, which may want to move to 100% digital or reduce their print spends. We have studies that outline a decrease in sales when marketing teams move 100% online or even reduce print communications to customers.  

What are the main targets for Two Sides Australia?

Raise awareness across all industries as well as the general public. Australians need to understand the print, paper and related service industries employ 350,000 Australians across this country and we provide a valuable product to market. Most Australians are simply unaware of the value of our industry as a whole or the simplest facts about our sustainability. 

How has progress been since Two Sides Australia formed?

Two Sides Australia is almost two years strong. We have had gradual membership acquisition. Despite it being a tough market, our members see value in promoting our industry direct to the customer in a unified sense. We have released our ‘Eighth Myth’, which combats myths around plantation timber. We have engaged government and ACCC, as well publishers who are now working together to develop an Australian-wide campaign No Wonder You Love Paper, to raise awareness about the environmental and effectiveness benefits of paper over other mediums.

Can you name some of the biggest milestones or wins in the past year or so?

The No Wonder You Love Paper campaign being ready for launch in Australia and the Financial Institutions campaign, about to be released, are major campaigns for Two Sides Australia. We are also working with designers and lecturing to design students to not only understand the value of paper and print in their design output but also to understand paper can be an extension of their design.

What are the biggest challenges?

Membership. It is tough out there and most the environmentally branded printers believe they have done enough. I recognise it is tough and membership fees are often seen as a burden, however, as an industry we haven’t done enough. Misconceptions about our industry continue. 

What can visitors to PacPrint now to support Two Sides?

Go online, register or join. Mem-ber-ships start at $250 per annum. 

Tell us about any recent print campaigns that made an impact on you?

KW Doggetts never disappoint and AGDA’s poster campaigns are always impactful.  

Name one thing to make people proud and optimistic about working in print

Print is an integral piece in a multi-channel communications campaign. ROI results indicate that by including printed material, such as a catalogue, in your integrated campaign, you can increase ROI by 62%. 

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