Online On-Demand Printing seeks Océ co-op

Richard Holland, Online On-Demand Printings General Manager, made the recent trip with 120 other Australian printers to the Océ OpenHouse in Munich, Germany, and began to formulate the plan which he hopes will culminate in a network whereby other owners of the CPS 700 digital colour printing solution could troubleshoot problems and even job share.

“It’s always the end user that has the best idea of how the machine works in each specific environment. We could bounce ideas of each other, and if we were all having the same problem, we could approach Océ together, which would save a lot of time for all parties concerned,” says Holland.

“Due to the peerless copying system of the CPS 700 whereby it doesn’t matter whether you have a copier in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you are still able to obtain very similar print reproduction off each machine. If you therefore have a client who wanted 500 prints in Sydney, 500 in Melbourne and 300 in Brisbane today, as a group we could print the necessary work in the local areas and still satisfy the clients needs at the same time in each state. The possibilities for this type of work is endless and we have a walk up start to be able to sell our print product far more creatively and at a higher margin as a result of the technology,” says Holland.

Holland is seeking to make contact with the 10-15 other CPS700 users nationwide, as well as Océ, to discuss his ideas. He believes that the best way forward is with the support of Océ, but says he is prepared to go it alone if needs be.

However, he is confident that Océ will be supportive, as he believes it will benefit them in regards to savings in support costs, increased ease of communication between supplier and user, the potential for further machine sales and upgrades (especially to the new CPS900), and an increase in work being produced on its machinery.

Holland believes that forming such working relationships with other printers is the way of the future. He wants to see an end to secrecy and an increased willingness among the printing community to work together for the good of each other, and the industry as a whole.

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