Vivad long-term banners meet NCC fire code

Vivad managing director Ewen Donaldson says testing has shown his company’s long-term frontlit and backlit banner vinyl successfully meets Group 1 classification requirements recently set down by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

Donaldson says it is understandable that many in the signage industry would be feeling perplexed as they comprehend building regulations in order to apply a banner or a lightbox to the side of a building.

“In recent years there has been a lot of commotion caused by flammable aluminium cladding. This has resulted in a number of changes to the regulations. These changes have affected where and how you can fix a banner, sign or light box to a building,” Donaldson said.

In order to comply to the National Construction Code the ABCB said the following points must be complied with when it comes to signage:

  • achieves a group number of 1 or 2; and
  • does not extend beyond one storey; and
  • does not extend beyond a single fire compartment; and
  • is separated from other combustible signs by at least two storeys in the vertical direction.

Donaldson says Vivad’s long-term frontlit and backlit banner vinyl successfully achieves the Group 1 classification without needing modifications.

“The good news on the first point is that with recent testing of Vivad’s long term frontlit and backlit banner vinyl, we have learned that without any modification, these products already successfully achieve a Group 1 classification,” he said.

“This should come as good news to the industry as it provides clarity on what is allowed, it is not too restriction and it is easy to follow.”

Meeting the other three points depends on the design of the sign, he said.

For more detail, Donaldson recommends you read the National Construction Code advisory note  Click here

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In order to test the heat and smoke released during combustion, these materials are tested to by the AWTA to AS/NZ 3837:1995 the results are used to determine a group number for the standard AS 5637.1:2015

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